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Telefonica Loses Appeal Against $205 Million Regulatory Fine
July 18th 2014 - 02:40 GMT
Spain's Telefonica has lost an appeal against a fine imposed on it after it was found guilty of abusing its dominant position in the domestic broadband market....more

US Schools and Libraries to Receive $2 Billion to Improve Wi-Fi Coverage
July 18th 2014 - 01:00 GMT
The US telecoms regulator has agreed to offer US$2 billion in funding to boost the uptake of Wi-Fi services in schools and public libraries....more

US Senators Approve Cellphone Unlocking Legislation
July 17th 2014 - 01:45 GMT
The US Senate's Judiciary Committee has unanimously approved legislation that would restore the ability of consumers to more easily transfer their cell phones to other wireless carriers....more

USA Considers Scrapping Regulatory Labels on Mobile Phones
July 15th 2014 - 01:30 GMT
US politicians are proposing a new law that could see fewer labels needed on consumer electronics devices confirming that the product complies with regulations....more

British Telecom Wins Court Battle with Mobile Networks Over Free Phone Calls
July 14th 2014 - 01:40 GMT
The UK's dominant landline operator, British Telecom has won a court battle with the mobile networks over the cost of terminating so-called freephone calls on its network....more

Two French Networks Ordered to Improve 4G Coverage Map Accuracy
July 14th 2014 - 01:05 GMT
The French telecoms regulator has ordered two of the country's mobile network operators to improve the accuracy of the coverage maps they present to customers....more

Zimbabwe Sets Revenue Target for LTE Spectrum Auction
July 13th 2014 - 23:30 GMT
Zimbabwe's government is looking to auction off 4G licenses later this year, with the aim of raising at least US$173 million from the mobile networks....more

Canada to Consult on Plans for Radio Spectrum Auction
July 8th 2014 - 02:50 GMT
The Canadian government has outlined, in brief, its plans to auction off additional radio spectrum next year....more

Foxconn Drops Huawei to Secure 4G License
July 8th 2014 - 01:20 GMT
Taiwan's Foxconn has been awarded a 4G license by the Taiwan regulator, but only after it dropped plans to award the network rollout contract to China's Huawei....more

Government and Mobile Operators Must Collaborate to Resolve Nigeria's Service Problems
July 7th 2014 - 07:10 GMT
While the Nigerian telecommunications sector has witnessed phenomenal growth since the turn of the millennium, the time has come for operators and government agencies alike to act in tandem to stem the unacceptable levels of service quality that continue to plague the industry....more

Kenyan Regulator Investigates Use of Ultra-Thin SIM Cards
July 7th 2014 - 01:50 GMT
Kenya's telecoms regulator has said that it will seek outside expert advice on the use of embedded SIM cards following a complaint by Safaricom....more

India Mulls Additional 3G Radio Spectrum Auction
July 6th 2014 - 23:40 GMT
India's government is considering a sale of additional radio spectrum that could be used by the mobile networks to address a lack of spectrum capacity that is holding back some 3G network upgrades....more

Russia Passes Internet Data Law
July 5th 2014 - 00:30 GMT
Russia's parliament has passed a law requiring Internet sites to store data of Russian citizens inside the country....more

Kenya's Safaricom Renews Its Operating License
July 4th 2014 - 01:25 GMT
Kenya's Safaricom has secured a 10-year extension on its operating license after it agreed to the SH2.3 billion (US$25 million) license fee....more

Norway to Auction 1800Mhz Spectrum Next Year
July 3rd 2014 - 01:50 GMT
The Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority (NPT) has decided to award the three available blocks in the 1800 MHz band by multiround ascending auction....more

Chinese Networks Secure 4G License Modifications
July 3rd 2014 - 01:00 GMT
China's two smaller mobile networks have had their 4G licenses modified to enable them to offer FDD based LTE services....more

Israel Publishes 4G License Documents
July 2nd 2014 - 23:45 GMT
Israel's Ministry of Communications has published a tender for 1800MHz frequencies, for use by 4G technologies....more

CRTC to Ensure Telecoms Networks Can Support Next-gen 911 Services
June 26th 2014 - 00:00 GMT
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has outlined the steps it will take to enhance Canadians' access to existing 9-1-1 services and facilitate the transition to next-generation 9-1-1 services....more

Existing Technology Can Meet Proposed Standards for Indoor Location Accuracy
June 24th 2014 - 23:45 GMT
A study of indoor tests of a hybrid wireless location technology was submitted to the US telecoms regulator which claims that existing technologies can satisfy location requirements within the timeframe proposed by the FCC...more

Mobile Termination Rates Down by Nearly a Third Since 2011
June 24th 2014 - 02:00 GMT
The average global mobile termination rate (MTR) has fallen to US$0.043 in 2013, compared to a global average of US$0.084 in 2009, according to analysis of 118 countries,...more

Togo to Award a 3rd Mobile Operator License Shortly
June 23rd 2014 - 02:00 GMT
The government of Togo has authorised plans to award a third mobile operator license for the country. ...more

Vodafone Denies Ignoring Regulator Ban on Signing Up New Customers
June 23rd 2014 - 01:20 GMT
Vodafone's Ghana subsidiary has denied reports that it is ignoring a regulator order banning it from signing up new customers....more

Kenyan Group Tries to Block MVNO Launches
June 20th 2014 - 01:45 GMT
A Kenyan consumer rights group wants three recently awarded MVNO licenses to be scrapped....more

Malta to Permit LTE Services by Existing 2.1Ghz Spectrum Holders
June 20th 2014 - 01:25 GMT
Malta's telecoms regulator has announced plans to review the existing 3G licenses operating in the 2.1Ghz bands to permit them to be used for LTE services as well....more

Operators of Mobile Cramming Scheme to Lose Their Homes, Cars and Jewellery
June 20th 2014 - 01:00 GMT
The operators of a massive mobile cramming scheme have agreed to surrender more than US$10 million in assets to settle Federal Trade Commission charges against them....more

US Regulator to Issue Largest Ever Fine - Against Chinese Phone Jammer
June 19th 2014 - 23:00 GMT
The US telecoms regulator is preparing to issue its largest ever fine, against a Chinese firm that imported mobile phone jammers....more

Georgia Protests Against Use of Russian Dialcodes in South Ossetia
June 18th 2014 - 02:45 GMT
The telecoms regulator in Georgia has protested to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) following the allocation of phone codes in South Ossetia by the Russian government....more

Costa Rican Regulator Proposes Changes to Mobile Data Charges
June 18th 2014 - 01:10 GMT
Costa Rica's mobile networks may be allowed to change how they bill for mobile broadband services, if plans by the telecoms regulator, Sutel are approved....more

Google, YouTube Remain Inaccessible In Tajikistan
June 16th 2014 - 23:20 GMT
Internet users in Tajikistan report that Google services, including YouTube and the Gmail electronic mail system, remain inaccessible, despite protests by international organizations....more

Scammers Settle FTC Charges They Sent Millions of Spam Text Messages
June 16th 2014 - 01:30 GMT
Two scammers have agreed to settle charges that they sent millions of unwanted text messages to consumers across the USA with false promises of $1,000 gift cards...more

India Moves Closer to Having Nationwide Mobile Number Portability
June 16th 2014 - 01:00 GMT
India's Telecoms Commission has approved, in principle, the notion of nationwide Mobile Number Portability....more

Indian Government Still Fighting 3G Roaming Between Networks
June 15th 2014 - 02:00 GMT
India's Department of Telecom is maintaining its stance that 3G roaming between mobile networks that lack coverage in some areas is still illegal....more

Google Services Inaccessible In Tajikistan
June 12th 2014 - 02:45 GMT
Internet users in Tajikistan report that they cannot access Google services, including the Gmail electronic mail system,...more

US Appeals Court Rules Warrant Is Required For Cellphone Location Tracking
June 11th 2014 - 23:00 GMT
For the first time, a US Federal appeals court has ruled that the police must obtain a warrant to get people's phone location histories from their mobile network provider....more

Matrix Telecom Fined for Poor Quality of Service in Rural Areas
June 11th 2014 - 10:00 GMT
USA based Matrix Telecom has been ordered to pay $875,000 to resolve an investigation by the telecoms regulator into whether it failed to complete long-distance calls to rural areas on a just, reasonable, and non-discriminatory basis....more

Thailand's Dtac Ordered to Block Access to the Facebook Website
June 11th 2014 - 06:00 GMT
Thailand's Dtac has confirmed that it has been ordered by the military government to block access to the Facebook website in a revelation that appears to have angered the telecoms regulator....more

Uganda Clamps Down on Unsolicited Text Messages
June 10th 2014 - 06:50 GMT
Uganda's marketing companies have been banned from using SMS to advertise their services until the regulator is able to tighten up the rules for such services....more

YouTube Partially Blocked In Tajikistan
June 10th 2014 - 03:10 GMT
The popular video-sharing website YouTube has been partially blocked in Tajikistan....more

US Regulator Releases Report into Freeing Up More Broadband Spectrum
June 8th 2014 - 04:10 GMT
The USA's National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) has said that it continues to engage federal and industry stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition of the 1695-1710 MHz and 1755-1780 MHz radio spectrum for future use by mobile broadband services....more

Taiwan Approves More LTE Licenses and 4G Number Portability
June 8th 2014 - 02:05 GMT
Taiwan's telecoms regulator has approved the allocation of a LTE license to a new entrant, Taiwan Star Cellular Group, which now plans to launch its network in the 3rd quarter of this year....more